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“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere,” – Martin Luther King Jr.

I’m Madeline, your guide through The Minority Population. There is a lot going on in America right now regarding social injustices of all kinds. But for minority populations – it’s nothing new.

Cesar Chavez, the head of the United Farm Workers Union, calls for the resignation of Walter Kintz, the first legal counsel for the state Agriculture Labor Relations Board, in Sacramento, Calif., on Sept. 16, 1975. Chavez’s efforts in California culminated in landmark legislation that protected the rights of the state’s farmworkers and created the ALRB.

Many times the issues and triumphs of minority populations are swept under the rug. On this blog, I will be opening up a discussion about what it means to be a minority in America, some of the major battles minorities have faced and celebrating the triumphs of  leaders who fought against injustice.

But thats not all. The fight for justice and equality encompasses a wide variety of issues and stigmas. From mental health, gender and sexuality, politics and current events happening in my home state of Iowa and around the country.  Essentially, any topic that arises some controversy or debate – I want to cover.

Now you may be wondering, what gives this 20-something authority to report on such complex and controversial topics?


I’m glad you asked. It’s important to identify my background in an effort for my readers to understand my worldview. I’m a mixed race young woman with a very deceiving Irish name. My father is Irish and my mother is a second-generation Mexican American. My great-grandparents migrated from Jalisco, Mexico to provide the American dream for generations to come.

Thats where I come in.

I grew up fully intertwined with my Hispanic culture and am very proud of my Mexican roots. My grandparents were founding members of the Iowa chapter of The League of Latin American Citizens (LULAC). And their fire for advocacy passed on to me. (Thanks Grandma and Grandpa!)


As a University of Iowa senior majoring in Journalism and Cultural Competency,  I want to tell informed stories about communities that don’t get the attention they deserve with the utmost respect and accuracy. I hope to use all I have learned and continue this important advocacy work by shining a light on important and underreported issues and populations.


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Madeline Murphy Rocha

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