Activism Quotes That Keep Me Fired Up

Activism Quotes That Keep Me Fired Up

As the former, and iconic, President Obama use to say: Fired up and ready to go! But maintaining that go-getter attitude can be really hard.

Life gets busy, people can be mean and sometimes the world seems so doomed that you  just want to lay in bed and watch Grace and Frankie on Netflix.

In order to keep up morale and brighten up either a situation or my overall mood, I look at my inspirational board I created with some of my favorite quotes from people that have shaped my outlook on the world and made it a better place through their activism. I wanted to share some of my favorites with you today to keep you motivated and fired up and ready to take on this Monday!

Creating lasting change has never been easy. Especially for minority populations who don’t have the luxury of being able to pick and choose when they will be active members in the fight for equality.

It’s an every day job. A 24/7 gig.

Looking at these bright, colorful and uplifting images helps me maintain my focus and grounds me in the mission ahead – equality for all.

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