Logan Paul: The Most Hated Man on the Internet – For Now.

Logan Paul: The Most Hated Man on the Internet – For Now.

If you’ve seen a broad shouldered, good-looking white dude with golden locks on your timeline recently – it was most likely Logan Paul.

On any other occasion, seeing Paul on your timeline wouldn’t be a big deal. On the internet he is a celebrity in his own right  as a bonafide “Youtuber” with over 15 million subscribers. Known on the platform as a “daily vlogger,” he records his every day life for all to see.

And right now he is the most hated person on the internet.

While on a recent trip to Japan, Paul and his filming crew visited Aokigahara, a forest at the base of Mount Fuji, commonly known as the “Suicide Forest.” Hundreds of lost souls have traveled into the depths of the woods to take their own life. The site has become somewhat of a worldwide obsession. Major media outlets such as VICE have reported on the site through an educational perspective. Others, like Paul, used Aokigahara as a clickbait playground.

While in Aokigahara, Paul and his crew happened upon a body of a man who had recently taken his life. Instead of putting the camera down, Paul filmed close-up shots of the body while cracking jokes and yelling about how “crazy” the situation was. He then uploaded the footage to his audience of over 15 million.

Then came the outcry from celebrities, fellow Youtubers and everyday people.

Paul took down the video and published a self righteous excuse letter claiming he didn’t make the video for views because he “gets views.” He bargained with his audience to understand that it would be easy for someone like him who films “this shit every day” to get caught up in the moment.

From this “apology,” most of the internet became unhinged at the lack of sincerity in his words.  Paul then posted a two minute video explaining how apologetic he was for filming the video and has now taken time off from Youtube to “reflect.”

Now if all of this wasn’t enough to get your blood boiling, I have more bad press to report on Paul. A recent montage posted on Twitter shows how culturally and morally insensitive Paul was during his entire trip to Japan.

From going into a market to buy a old school Gameboy only to smash it to pieces seconds later in front of the vendor, waving around raw fish in peoples faces to dressing up as Pokemon characters to mock Japanese culture, Paul showed his true colors.

But to many of his fans, he is still the goofy, good-looking 22-year-old who makes them laugh and they are willing to look past his mistake.

But at what cost are these fans, and the Youtube community, risking in accepting Paul’s apology and brushing this mess under the carpet?

They are accepting a forced apology from a guy who doesn’t place any value on respecting other cultures, norms or people who are unlike him.

To all of Paul’s his fans: Think twice before you are quick to accept an apology from someone who has continuously shown he doesn’t deserve your support.


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