#MinorityPopulationPodcast Ep 1 –Majority turned Minority – The History and Misrepresentation of American Indians

I’ve got a treat for all of you today! We’re going to be diving into, in my opinion, the first majority turned minority population in America – American Indians. For thousands of years, our country was the original home to millions of American Indians. 

Their historical impact was so far reaching that my own state of Iowa was named after the Ioway tribe native to the state. Their land and all other tribes in American were taken away during the Indian Removal Act of 1830 signed by President Andrew Jackson  resulting in the infamous Trail of Tears where American Indians were forcibly removed from their homes into “indian territory” across the Mississippi river. 


This begs the question -how have American Indians been treated since this dark period in history and what are some of the major misconceptions about American Indians in popular culture? I asked University of Iowa Associate Professor, Stephen Warren, who has studied the cultural survival and representation of American Indian tribes. Listen to our interview, here

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