What Makes a Minority Population?

What Makes a Minority Population?

We talk a lot about minority populations on this blog (as you could imagine) but what does it mean for a population to be classified as a minority? First, we need to consider the structure of American society that rules on a majority vs minority population status.

Majority populations are the ones who hold the most power in society. Think all of the white, straight men you’ve ever met. In my opinion, they are the most privileged group in society. Breaking down those categories, white people are apart of the majority population because their power and influence in society is dominant over basically everyone who isn’t white.

Same goes for those who identify as heterosexual – they aren’t singled out nor do they miss out on opportunities because of their sexuality. As for gender, men are considered – even though it’s VERY sexist and untrue – the dominant sex in society.

But keep in mind that minority populations don’t always have to refer to race, gender or sexuality – it can be a persons economic status, disability status or religion that puts them in a minority population.

I’ve created this short video from a recent snapchat story for you to learn more about minority populations and the five challenges/characteristics that most majority populations face. Hopefully, you’ll learn something new.

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